How To Get Coached

How To Apply

Applying to get coached is as easy as emailing your Executive Summary to our Program Committee Chair at:

Note: Due to legal restrictions, Executive Summaries and other materials marked 'confidential' cannot be accepted.

Application Criteria

The criteria used to assess the suitability of a company to be coached by NEF include:

  1. High growth potential; large addressable market(s); and the potential for an exit in five years with an above market rate-of-return for investors.
  2. Business readiness to talk with investors - initial or impending revenue, sufficient confirmation of value in the marketplace, and a team (and/or set of advisors) with the skills and experience to deliver on the business plan.
  3. Retail operations, consulting firms, restaurants, service/recreation organizations and other limited growth businesses are typically not considered for coaching.

The Acceptance Process

After the Executive Summary is reviewed and the business determined to meet the high-level NEF criteria, you will be invited to give a three-minute pitch to the NEF Program Committee. Based upon this brief pitch, the Committee will poll its members for approval, and if approved, for volunteers to be on the startup's coaching team.

How The Coaching Process Works

Once a NEF coaching team is assembled, it meets with the entrepreneur four to eight times over a two to four month period to hone the entrepreneur's 10 Minute Pitch until it is determined that it is ready to present to investors. At that time, the entrepreneur will be invited to deliver their pitch at the monthly NEF Forum as a Showcase Presenter.

Although there frequently are investors in the 40-50 attendees at an NEF Forum, the objective of this presentation is to allow the entrepreneur to practice their presentation in a 'real' but relatively risk-free venue, get the reaction of the audience as representing the likely reactions of investors, and hear and field the questions that arise.

The quality of the entrepreneur's presentation will, however, be evaluated by the NEF Program Committee members in attendance and a recommendation made, at the next NEF Program Committee Meeting, whether the entrepreneur's Executive Summary will be forwarded to the NEF's investor network.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the NEF Program Committee Chair at: